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25-35-50mm SW Polar

Sunwood 25mm - 35mm - 50mm Polar Wood Blinds Photo image
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25-35-50mm SW Polar


Sunwood Wooden Blinds Options Brochure






Standard Sunwood Brochure



Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds Brochure



Sunwood Tapes Option Brochure



The Standard Standard Tapes are the HB Herringbone Tapes and can be selected in Tape widths of 25-38mm for the 35-50mm Sunwood Slats


Optional Sunwood Flat Weave FW Premium Tapes are 38mm Wide Tapes and can only be selected for the 50mm Wood Slats Only.

The 38mm Flat Weave FW Tapes for Sunwood Wood Blinds are available in the following colours of Envy, Vamp, Lulu, Poison, Icon, Black, Natural, Duck, Taboo, Hype, Stealth and Mystery and can be viewed in the Timberlux Tapes section Timberlux Tapes. 


Tapes for both the Sunwood Wood and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds can be selected in the following HB colours of Cotton, Chalk, Barley, Vanilla, Ecru, Camel, Toffee, Coffee, Dove, Lunar, Flint, Steel, Gallant, Slate, Jet, Mist, Pebble, Light Beige, Truffle, Hessian and the FW 38mm Tape colours of Envy, Vamp, Lulu, Poison, Icon, Black, Natural, Duck, Taboo, Hype, Stealth and Mystery Cotton Fabric Tapes for the 50mm Slat Blinds .


Hessian         Ecru       Latte       

 Coffee        Camel     Henna

     Mist          Jet           


   Toffee        Steel      Slate     

    Chalk       Cotton 




Vamp FW      Lulu FW   Poison FW 

   Icon FW Stealth FW Mystery FW


Taboo FW    Duck FW  Natural FW


 Envy FW




The Sunwood ™ Wood Blind Ranges are available in Collections known as Sunwood Essential Collection, Sunwood Soft Grain Collection, Sunwood Perfect Grain Collection, Sunwood Gloss Collection and the Sunwood Faux Wood Blinds Collection. 


Sunwood ™ Wooden Blinds are available from stock in 35-50 mm Polar White, Pure White, Ash Grey, Mirren, Morena, Kalm, Khol, Tawny, Honey, Burnished Oak, Auburn, Hazel, 50mm 50mm Pure Gloss, Gloss Creme Cream,Tuscan Oak, Fired Walnut, Acacia,Tanza, Nordic, Revera, Montana, Urban Oak, Claro, Solid Wood Slats.

Sunwood Faux Wood Blinds are available from stock in 35mm-50mm Mirage, True, Stratus, Orion, Mission, Linara, Lima, Gravity, Desert Oak, Callo, Athena, Abyss, Chroma, Lunar Oak, Artic Oak, Scandi Oak and Amber Slats with a choice of either a Flat Smooth or an Embossed Fine Grained Finish.

All Blinds are supplied with a matching Wood or Faux Wood Pelmet Valance, Brackets, Fixings and Instructionms to enable a simple professional installation of your new Wood Blinds.

Perfect Fit Sunwood Blinds can be supplied with 25mm Sunwood Slats with a choice of Perfect Fit frame colours to complement your Windows.

Sunwood ™ Blinds are available from stock in within the size ranges of

290mm wide - 2400mm Wide/Width and within 150mm - 3000mm Drop/Height .

Sunwood Fitting Instructions for 35mm and 50mm Blinds




Blind Size    = Actual Blind Width will be supplied at the ordered width.

Recess Size = Actual Blind Width will be supplied 12mm smaller to allow for clearance.




New Child Safety - Cord Regulations

Pull Cord Lengths for Sunwood, Timberlux, Santa Fe and Faux Wood Blinds. 

If the installation height is known the distance from the floor to the bottom of the pull cords shall be at least 1500mm.

If the installation height is not known but the drop of the blind is less than 2.5m, length of the pull cords shall be less than 1000mm.

If the installation height is not known but the drop of the blind is more than 2500mm, length of the pull cords shall be less than drop of the blind – 1500mm

Please email the installation height of the top of your Blinds Headrail to ensure correct cord pull length if this area is likely to be an issue. The Cord Lengths can only and will only be supplied to comply with the above new standard regulations and we will use a standard default Headrail fixing height of 3000mm to enable Cords to be supplied as long as possible to trim on site if necessary.


Cord Lengths can easily be shortened if needed after fitting if supplied longer than required.

New Child Safety Regulations and recommended guidelines are now in place to ensure Cord Pulls are a minimium safe distance of 1500mm from the Floor and that all Cords are securely fitted to keep cords as safe as possible.

All Blinds are supplied with Cord Tidy Clips and Fittings to enable secure fixing of Cords in line with current guidelines and recommendations, It is the customer and Blind installers responsibilty to decide if the Clips are required and to decide or ensure that Cords are securely fitted if required.


Sunwood 35-50mm Polar White Wood Venetian Blinds, Essentials Collection 

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