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25-35-50mm Sandwash Stain

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25-35-50mm Sandwash Stain


Timberlux Wood Venetian Blinds


Timberlux ™ Blinds are a luxurious Premium Collection of Handcrafted Basswood Venetian Blinds that reflect the Natural Beauty and Elegance of Nature.

Fashioned from full grain Basswood each Blind has its own unique character due to each individual Wood Slat being hand selected for colour and grain.


Timberlux ™ Wood Blinds are available in a Range of Collections to offer a unique choice of Painted Whites, Creams, Colours, Stains, Metallics and Grained Wood Finishes.


Choose from the Timberlux ™ Purist, Stains, Mode, Deep Grain, Metallics, Privacy, Zebrano, Fusion, Origin, Shutter Style and Santa Fe Wood Blind Collections.


Timberlux Wooden Blinds are available with 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 65mm Solid Wood Slats with either the Standard String Finish or with the optional 19mm, 25mm or 38mm Cotton Fabric Tapes. 


Perfect Fit Timberlux Blinds can be supplied with 25mm Timberlux Wooden Slats with a choice of Perfect Frame Colours to complement your Windows.









String Finish


The Standard Timberlux Specification for supporting the Wooden Slats is by a Ladder String or String Finish offering a Classic Venetian Blind. Strings are Colour co-ordinating cords with Timberlux Wood Blinds supplied with a Metal Headrail with a sculptured matching Wooden pelmet valance. Slat widths are available in 25, 35 ,50 and 65mm


Tape Finish 


Available with of choice Woven Cotton Tapes to give a more personal individual look.

Choose Tapes from the Timberlux™ Tapes section 



65mm Wood Slats can have optional 38mm wide Tapes 

50mm Wood Slats can have optional 38mm wide Tapes 

50mm Wood Slats can have optional 25mm wide Tapes

35mm Wood Slats can have optional 25mm wide Tapes 

25mm Wood Slats can have optional 19mm wide Tapes.


65mm Shutterstyle Range


The New Timberlux Shutterstyle Blinds have an Elliptical Contour Shaped 65mm Wide Slat Design to give a Wooden Plantation appearence to the Blinds.


Privacy Range


The New Timberlux Privacy Range is Manufactured from a Faux Wood, The Slats have a Unique Angled Design to further reduce Light through the Slats and to offer more Privacy to the Room. The 50mm Slat has a 45mm Flat section with an Angled 5mm Lip to provide more Privacy at the overlap of the Slats.


Fusion Metallic Range

The Metallic Range are 50mm Metal Venetian Blinds.

Available from a choice of 6 painted Metallic finishes with optional 38mm Tapes. 



Motorised Blinds

Timberlux Blinds are available with optional Motorised Tilt Controls,

Please contact us for further details.



New Child Safety - Cord Regulations

Pull Cord Lengths for Sunwood, Timberlux, Santa Fe and Excel Wood,  

Regulations now state that If the installation height is known the distance from the floor to the bottom of the pull cords shall be at least 1.5m

If the installation height is not known but the drop of the blind is less than 2.5m, length of the pull cords shall be less than 1m.

If the installation height is not known but the drop of the blind is more than 2.5m, length of the pull cords shall be less than drop of the blind – 1.5m

Please email the installation height of the top of your Blinds Headrail to ensure correct cord pull length if this is likely to be an issue. The Cord Lengths can only and will be supplied to the above standard regulation lengths and we will use a standard default Fixing Height for all Blinds of 3000mm unless notified to enable cords to be as long as possible, Cords can then be trimmed shorter if required on site or are likely to be an issue.

New Child Safety Regulations guidelines are to ensure cord pulls are a safe distance from the Floor and out of reach from young Children. 

Timberlux Specification Sheet





Timberlux Fitting Instructions


Recess Size - Blind Width will be supplied less 12mm for clearence


Blind Size    -  Blind will be supplied at the exact ordered Width


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